Snowbound But I Can Still Get Things Done

The weather is bad and school is canceled. In the past as a kid we would be outside playing in the snow and having a great time. Now when we are unable to get to work the question is “What do you do” well you already know what we are about to say. Your computer is now your office! Missing work is not the same since you can work from home to get things done. In some ways you can get ahead of the game as you have no one to bother you. You have time to fine tune your weekly to do lists. You can get caught up on your emails and get your contacts in place.

The Art of Planning

You started a business, and have all your tools, products and services in place. 
You have the best mousetrap and it catches all the pests. You've done everything to build your product but no one knows it's available. You ask yourself what is missing? You ponder this and while you are wondering, your money is running out. The question is simple: Do you have a plan?

Providing Food at Networking Events

As the event planner for a networking event you have many things to think about. From where the event will be to time of day and is the event happening during a meal time? Dave and Wade tackle the topic of providing food at your event in this week's video. The focus should be on the success of the event and not so much the food. Make the food work for your event. Don’t let it take center stage. Tips and ideas are all in the video below.


Social In Structure with Dave & Renee

At what kind of event do you do your best networking? There are two kinds of events Social or Structured. Social is based on the idea that there is no set agenda. You can walk around the room and talk to whomever catches your attention.

If the event is structured, then it is a set agenda and there will be some sort of social interaction at the beginning or end. Both have pro’s and con’s for whom this can be most effective in these environments. Dave & Renee give their thoughts on the topic in this great video.