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“Give and Take” A Book by Adam Grant

The business world is comprised of "Givers and Takers." Each one leading to a certain outcome. Adam Grant's book describes what these people look like in a company setting. He gets us to think about who we are and who surrounds us. The book gets you to think about what you can do to be more of who you are and what you could become. To be a better business person it is wise to know how people perceive you. In this way getting things to happen becomes easier. Over all the book takes you through all these ideas and more.

In-Kind Work

Donating your time to a worthy cause is always a good thing. The amount you do and for whom you do it, will determine if you made a good choice or not. Some people say yes to everything but don't produce much of anything. In some cases, they spread themselves so thin nothing they do makes any impact on the business or charity they are working with. Others will say yes so they can say they are a part of an organization but really do nothing. Once in awhile you will find the diamond in the rough as they say. That one person that does what they say they are going to do.

Crystal Clear Communication

Success is based on proper communication with people that listen and then act.

You are the head of your team or company, You are focused on a new idea. Before you can explain it, you need to write it down and review it. Next you need to begin to communicate the idea to another human being. The key to success here is if they will listen to you, or if they just yes you to death. 

Having Fun In All Aspects of Your Life

Have you ever heard the expression “All work and no play makes Joe a dull boy?” It means sometimes too much time is spent on the job. Our lives are more than 9 to 5, they are family, friends, hopes and dreams. You have to ask yourself about what is most important and how you are going to get there. Nothing worth having comes over night, so a plan that gives you balance is really important. When I was in school and doing my homework, my teachers would tell me that if I catch myself reading the same page more than once I should take a break.

What Is Your Business Reach?

That is the question! You have a great business and you do a great job at it. However you don’t have enough business to keep it going. Why is that? One thing could be over saturation for the kind of service you offer. Just too many predators feeding from the same watering hole. 

Another idea is “You are the best kept secret in town!” No one knows you're there and no one is really talking about you. If this is the case your lack of planning in advertising could be putting you out of business. 

Keep Your Friends Close But Your Enemies Closer

Maybe you have just started a new business or have been in business awhile. Why did you start your business? Was it because you thought you had a niche idea no one else had? Was it you thought you could do a better job? Did you look at the market and think there is no competitors to worry about? Maybe you thought after looking at the market you had the new and improved widget that would rock the world. What ever the reason the key thing was you started your business.

Your Words In Action!

By David L. Kurtz
Like anyone in business you have an outline of things you need to do everyday. Your focus is on sales and productivity. You need to measure your results so you know what you need to do next. Likely you know all this, but did you know that successful business people who you work with and underneath you have their plans as well. Your list will not only help you, but give additional direction for others you work with on the road to success.

Someone Yelled Fire! Why Are You Just Standing There?

By David L. Kurtz
Business is war. There really is no other way to say it. Everyone is trying to be the best seller on the newsstand. They want to stand out and be seen and the first to sell. We all get it! But why do people go out of their way to put down their competition? It is a cheap way to get ahead but it is short lived. Normally it becomes a tit for tat and a battle of pride. The point is to avoid shooting others down as you never know how it will come back to you.

Get Seen and Get Employed!

By David L. Kurtz
You have found yourself out of work and having a hard time finding the right job. Many people get depressed and tend to give up. Even when you make an effort to check all the want ads and career sites you seem to feel that you won’t ever find employment. You know jobs are out there but settling is not your idea of getting ahead. Here's a couple of thoughts  on this subject.