2 for 1 deal

Ok-So, you have joined more than one group hoping to get big sales & build your personal mega network. The question most members have is how do you give solid referrals to each group? If you are working both ends of the room at the same time-How do you figure in an even exchange of business? Some members would say you can’t & you are shutting out members. Others would say you are making sure the right person gets the sale or job. It is a slippery slope no matter how you look at it.

I like to look at this is way. You’re in a group and a sale or job is referred to you. You have a good friend in mind who could use the money.  What do you think I would do? I would give the referral to my good friend. Why? Because you have known them longer than you were a member of the group or because they are a part of your inner circle. The point is, you will always give a referral to the people closest to you first. This is a Like, Know, Trust situation.

It’s all about balance. First and foremost, you have an obligation to the groups you have chosen to be a part of. When you are in more than one group you have a bigger role to play. As long as you are taking care of business then you should be ok. As I always say don’t over promise & under deliver and you will be known for that. Balance, Like, Know, Trust!

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