Crystal Clear Communication

Success is based on proper communication with people that listen and then act.

You are the head of your team or company, You are focused on a new idea. Before you can explain it, you need to write it down and review it. Next you need to begin to communicate the idea to another human being. The key to success here is if they will listen to you, or if they just yes you to death. 

Another example is you need something to happen and ask for information, but get no response. Either you did not ask for it correctly or the person you asked just didn't think it was important. This tends to be a common trait in peers in the work place. The idea that someone is asking them to report to them that is not their boss seems to leave a bad taste in their mouth. 

Never the less most of these situations can be avoided if the leader of the business would clarify duties and responsibilities. These examples lead up to our tip list that if put in place can make the work environment easier to work in!

  1. Explain to your employees what their duties are.
  2. Give clear direction about the projects at hand and tell each person what their focus needs to be.
  3. Don’t assume anything. Just because you think it is common sense doesn't necessarily make it so.
  4. Listen to what your employees are saying. Sometimes the issue is not job related. If letting them talk a little will get them back in the game do it. If it is work related, find a solution so they can get focus on getting their job done.
  5. If your employee does not understand a certain topic take time to teach them.   
  6. If you are the leader you are running the show, lack of good communication on your part does not give you the right to yell at people in your employ.
  7. If you are the employee remember you were hired to do a job. Make sure you ask questions if you don’t understand something. To be afraid of your boss or think they will think you are not capable is the same thing as doing a bad job because of a lack of understanding.
  8. It is always better to think before you speak, rather than jumping right into it without a plan. You will always be excited about your business! Relax and think your communications through….

No matter what you think about what I've said, remember communication has to be clear in order to get the results that you want. It is a gamble otherwise.

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