Get Seen and Get Employed!

By David L. Kurtz
You have found yourself out of work and having a hard time finding the right job. Many people get depressed and tend to give up. Even when you make an effort to check all the want ads and career sites you seem to feel that you won’t ever find employment. You know jobs are out there but settling is not your idea of getting ahead. Here's a couple of thoughts  on this subject.

First thing is to STOP thinking this way!  You have value.
The next thing is to get active. Start with your online presence. Update your social media profiles & start adding updates that bring you up, not put you down.

Keeping with this trend, get out and network. Find groups that are free to join and introduce yourself to more people. Check out non-profits that could benefit from your expertise. The more active you become the more people will see you. They will begin to like, know, trust you. They will see what & who you are. This will lead to personal endorsements and great introductions. You might also likely be able to include this volunteer experience on your resume. Especially if it skills leanred that you didn't have when you first volunteered! 

If you sit and stew what do you think the outcome will be? The answer is simple: Nothing. If anything you will get more depressed and that is not healthy. Your next job will not always be found in conventional ways. The answer is always to get active with people around you.

Here is the formula we think could help you:

  1. Update your resume and online profiles
  2. Create a daily to do list of things you plan on accomplishing
  3. Check out local free networking groups and socials
  4. Volunteer with charities and non-profits
  5. Build your contact list from the people you meet
  6. Stay healthy, eat right and exercise  

These are just a few ideas we think you should think about as you find that job. Remember nothing happens overnight!

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