Having Fun In All Aspects of Your Life

Have you ever heard the expression “All work and no play makes Joe a dull boy?” It means sometimes too much time is spent on the job. Our lives are more than 9 to 5, they are family, friends, hopes and dreams. You have to ask yourself about what is most important and how you are going to get there. Nothing worth having comes over night, so a plan that gives you balance is really important. When I was in school and doing my homework, my teachers would tell me that if I catch myself reading the same page more than once I should take a break. This is the same concept we should think about in our lives. If you are not processing the information in front of you, then decompressing is the answer. Here is a quick list of ideas you can use:

  1. Leave your work at the office. There will be times you can’t get away from this but don’t make it a habit.
  2. If you make your own schedule then keep to it! If you say you will be done at a certain time then make it so!
  3. Make time every week for the people you love. After all that they are the reason for working.
  4. Plan your dreams, you can’t make them real unless you write them down and figure out a way to make them happen.
  5. Vacations are a must. You need time to unload, relax and rejuvenate. If you're tired and grumpy you won’t get ahead.
  6. Get your sleep and eat right! Your quality of life depends on it.

Sometimes it’s the little things we do that make the biggest impact on our lives. From a good night's sleep to a great meal with your family. It all matters, you just need to remember to balance.

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