Hiring: Warm Bodies Are Good enough For Me!

By David L. Kurtz

Hiring for your business should always be about how productive and professional the candidate is. The problem in the work force as I see it is, there are companies that either can’t keep their employees or their management dose not know how to hire.
If you look at the restaurant and retail industries you see a combination of things happening. People being promoted on their skill as a person but not because of how they manage people, they are excellent at what they do independently. What you get at this point is a mismanaged team that gets lucky once in a while and the person in charge gets the credit. The team as a whole will break down and turn over will happen rapidly. 
The other side of the coin is the employee that was hired. Were all the key areas checked: References, where did they go to school, can they work in the country, was it explained to them what their job would be, were schedules talked about and the list goes on. The point is, if you are hiring for any job, make sure the person applying knows the details and you know who you are interviewing. Asking the right questions and explaining what is being asked of the person is most important.
High turn over rate comes from poor hiring and promoting standards. It can happen in all businesses but it is seen more in the service industries. Here are 12 ideas we think you will find helpful when hiring:

  1. Where you place your ad is just as important as who will see your ad.
  2. Did the person follow your directions to apply for the job?
  3. Can they write a cover letter correctly?
  4. Is their resume up to date?
  5. Was their response to your ad legible?
  6. Could you read their application?
  7. Did they show up on time to the interview?
  8. Only ask questions that pertain to the job at hand, small talk should be limited to “How was your day or business related ideas”
  9. Follow up on references
  10. How did they dress?
  11. Be thorough when offering the job. Be transparent, let there be no misconception about duties, rules and what you are hiring for
  12. Make sure you and your Human resource manager know what you are hiring for!

There are more ideas you can look at for hiring ideas, these are just some that come to mind that I have thought about.
If all you want is warm bodies, you will find them, but remember the effect it can have on your bottom line. Sometimes the best person for the job is right in front of you but if you don’t train them correctly, the fault is yours and no one elses.

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