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Work and Jobs are not dirty four letter words! One of the biggest problems in today's world is how hard it is to find and apply for work. We hear horror stories about how long it took someone to find a job or apply for work on line. We hear that it took 4 hours just to upload a basic resume because the company wants to look for key words and phrases!  We also hear about recruiters and human resouce personnel that have no idea about the job they have been told they need to fill.

Network Today has made its mission to present clear cut career opportunities and help wanted ads that really do work. It won't take you all day to send in your information because you will know up front what is needed. Our relationships with the companies on the site are real!

Why you may ask? Because no one puts anything on our site with out us knowing what it is and how it got there. We add in a human aspect to the site and verify the information to make sure it is real. As we say no BOTS should apply!

This is what sets us apart! We want to see the job  that's listed on the site filled . We don't want listings to sit there and be stagnant. Our focus is to play an active roll in helping employers and candidates find each other. The forms we ask businesses to fill out on our site try to ensure that all aspects of the career listings are outlined. This way the person looking to apply knows if they have the experience required to fill the position before applying. We use features on our site to to make the search easy for visitors seeking employment through Network-Today. The user searches by location first, then by job. If you don't want to leave the area you live in then it makes no sense to have you look through a nationwide database. Once a person finds a job posting by using our filters, then a simple click, enter some basic information and hit send! It's as easy as that, quick and painless. At this point the employer will take it from there, review the submission and reply directly to the candidate. We can't guarantee an individual will be hired, but we will guarantee you will be able to more easily apply for jobs and have a better chance of finding one!

In this section there is a job calendar that lists seminars and job expos. Career services such as resume writing are also located in this section.


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