In-Kind Work

Donating your time to a worthy cause is always a good thing. The amount you do and for whom you do it, will determine if you made a good choice or not. Some people say yes to everything but don't produce much of anything. In some cases, they spread themselves so thin nothing they do makes any impact on the business or charity they are working with. Others will say yes so they can say they are a part of an organization but really do nothing. Once in awhile you will find the diamond in the rough as they say. That one person that does what they say they are going to do. The point is to make sure you have the workers not the talkers.

In-kind work should always lead to something. There should be a reward of some kind. The reward can be anything from seeing a project completed, to showing great results even monetary rewards. If the dream can become reality, then the people will drive it home. People who give of their time want to believe they are not wasting it on idle ideas that have no focus. Always be willing to get your hands dirty and keep your drive alive. This is also true of in-kind work in business. You need to make sure your team can see direction and project flow. They need to believe the outcome will yield great results.

In business we are always looking for the pot of gold. We want to make our lives easier and not worry about the rent. We want to find a purpose and to know that we have left our mark in the world around us. Sometimes we need other people to help us reach our goal. These people who give of their time are in it for the long haul. There is a point where their road will end, the important part is to never forget them. They gave what they could and did believe in your mission. If your company does well in future years go back to these people that supported you, make an offer to them to get back involved. Maybe you just help them out in some way. Whatever you decide make sure it makes good sense to thank them.

Always remember, the people who help build your foundation gave of themselves so your future would be bright.

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