Networking Info

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Network Today is the premier networking website connecting the public to the leading networking organizations in a specific local community. Our purpose is to introduce you to the group, highlight their purpose, so people can discover established and new groups and businesses in their local communities.

Network Today ensures that you can find all types of groups including chambers of commerce, non-profit entities, dues based groups as well as no cost to join organizations. Each networking group on the site has a dedicated page including an overview video and social media links, so visitors can learn about the group before attending their events. Network Today bridges the gap between the site visitor and  the groups they might like to join. We also suggest the groups display their members on the site. This way a visitor gets a better idea about the group's purpose and the community that they serve.

The networking section also provides an event and meeting calendar. All upcoming events and meetings that are submitted are available to look at and add to your calendar. We partner with the groups on the site to provide value to them and to people like yourself. 

Networking is key to our career and business survival. Network Today provides access to information you need to get out and meet new people, to network for that new job, business referrals, or to find service providers your business might like to hire. Check out each group and mark your calendars for their upcoming events!