Starting over

In our lives we go through “Resets” …..moments in time that have us starting over. Everything from finishing school to starting a new career-it can appear to be a never-ending cycle. Each beginning starts off the same. We are introduced to new people & a new set of career details. New leaders are introduced to help guide us on our way & provide team objectives that need to be met. In other words, it’s like starting at square one.
With a new job comes the possibility of different work hours and learning how to get to work. Yes, learning about a new neighborhood where you work can be challenging. Lunch time will be fun again as new places can be explored. Your favorite hang-out for happy hour might change too. Checking out the neighborhood and the possibilities before you start work might not be a bad idea…just to get the lay of the land.
If you are moving to a new location then obviously you have a lot more to learn. Meeting new friends outside of work is a big step. Where will you meet them? Maybe a social event of some kind….maybe the local coffee shop-the idea is to have a fun and full life. Building these relationships may seem scary and may seem to take awhile to develop, but are very worthwhile.
We always like to give some common sense tips and here they are:

  1. Learn the area. Before moving, take time to learn about the area you are moving to.
  2. Join local groups. Check out the local library or coffee shop for ideas.
  3. Explore. Take a drive and see where it leads.
  4. Don’t be afraid. Remember you wanted to do this so just relax and go with it.
  5. Have fun. Life is too short!!!!

When you hit the reset button, there is no guarantee things will get better. Your attitude will determine how things will go and only YOU can decide if you are ready for a change. Have fun, relax & enjoy the ride. 

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