Stop, Look and Listen……

Sometimes we are in such a rush we forget about the little things that are happening all around us. Little clues about things not going right that might need your attention. 

Money isn't the only motivator for people. Sometimes the thank you you give is worth more than the raise at the end of the year to keep someone happy. Maybe you notice someone needing an extra hand because they thought they could accomplish a certain project alone. You might step in to help out a bit, not to completely take over the project.

Things like this happen in business when people want to get ahead and forget offering a helpful hand once in a while is a good thing. When you watch your business work you can see things you don’t when you are in the middle of the project.

Here are a few ideas to keep your humanity in the company. When you show up to work find something you like about each person and sometime during the day thank them for something that they did that day. Think about what your seeing and lend a hand once in a while to show support. This is not an every day thing but a once a week idea.

Consider bringing in donuts or some kind of snack as you are now saying to your whole staff you appreciate them all. Stop, look, and listen to hear what their concerns are and do what you can to address them. What you will find is over time your team will follow your lead and trust you personally & professionally.

Remember also that not everyone likes to be acknowledged or appreciated in the same way. Take some time to get to know what motivates your staff individually. This way you will be able to build the most cohesive and motivated team.

There is enough rude and non humane things going on is business we just want to remind you that a happy team will be more proactive and productive over time, causing less turn over as well.

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