What Is Your Business Reach?

That is the question! You have a great business and you do a great job at it. However you don’t have enough business to keep it going. Why is that? One thing could be over saturation for the kind of service you offer. Just too many predators feeding from the same watering hole. 

Another idea is “You are the best kept secret in town!” No one knows you're there and no one is really talking about you. If this is the case your lack of planning in advertising could be putting you out of business. 

When the economy declines or business suffers, the first thing everyone does is cut their marketing budget! Why is that? Mostly because they think it is a waste of money. They forget that if your business is not seen no one will know your there. That their competition has taken their place. Do you really want the guy next to you getting your rent money? I think not. Your reach will build your client base if you start now. This is not a one time ad either. You need to establish a marketing budget and look at your service area. This is your reach! How far you can travel from your office to service your clients or how far will your clients travel to find you.
Your reach really is based on a mileage radius from your business. It doesn't matter what the business is as there is always a focus on finding customers within your reach. You need to look at how you will obtain each customer. Will it be by traditional ad work like t.v. and radio? Will it be by social media? Maybe you will network to find your audience? The fact is you need to think about who they are and where you will find them. Only at this point will you figure out your reach and marketing budget needs. To know your reach is to know the person you want and where they reside. This is your business reach!

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