Why Network-Today.com

You may be wondering why Network Today is a better more credible site.  In a nutshell we are in it for the long hall with real resources.  Here are some points to think about:

1.    No one gets on the site without human approval. No bots, no spam, no questionable content allowed!  In other words when you submit your initial information for approval, we will check to see if you are real and your company is what you say it is. We may even call you just to make sure and welcome you on board.
2.    We work to have a relationship with all the groups, services and organizations using the site. We are working to partner and be seen in the public eye. You will be able to say I know someone or know of someone who works with us to make a difference.
3.    Our goal is to put people to work and build relationships.  In order to do that we have to make it easy to know what’s out there. Our listings are real and not a waste of time.
4.    When we say our intention is to put people to work we mean it. Look at our filters in the job section. We list veterans, seniors, teens, entrepreneurs and so much more. That means jobs of all types can and will be listed here.
5.    We list all groups for all people that wish to list with us for Networking,  Job  services, other job sites and anything that fits our vision.

You can’t jump start the economy or career focus by limiting your selection.  We know we won’t have every job listed in the world but what we do have listed, whether a business, networking group or a job, they are all real and making a difference – just maybe they can make a difference for you!